SETD7 and KLF4

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Description SET domain containing 7, histone lysine methyltransferase Kruppel like factor 4
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Diastolic blood pressure in combination therapy (beta blocker and thiazide diuretic) ( 29097388)
  • Lean body mass ( 28552196)
  • Salty taste perception in obesity with metabolic syndrome ( 31005965)
  • Serum lycopene concentrations ( 26861389)
Interacting Genes 29 interacting genes: A1BG ATG16L1 DNMT1 E2F1 ESR1 H3-3A H3-4 H3C1 H3C14 H4C1 HCFC1 KLF4 L3MBTL1 MDM2 NR2F2 PPP1R12A PRKAR1A RELA RIOK1 SERTAD1 SIRT1 SMAD7 SOX2 STAT3 STEAP3 TAF10 TAF7 TP53 TRIM21 21 interacting genes: APP CREBBP DVL3 ELK1 EP300 FBXO7 GYS1 HDAC1 HDAC5 HGS HSF2BP KAT5 KLF6 MYO15B PAX9 PLK1 SETD7 SP1 TLE5 TP53 VHL
Entrez ID 80854 9314
HPRD ID 16226 03769
Ensembl ID ENSG00000145391 ENSG00000136826
Uniprot IDs B5MCZ8 D6RJA0 Q8WTS6 O43474
PDB IDs 1H3I 1MT6 1MUF 1N6A 1N6C 1O9S 1XQH 2F69 3CBM 3CBO 3CBP 3M53 3M54 3M55 3M56 3M57 3M58 3M59 3M5A 3OS5 3VUZ 3VV0 4E47 4J7F 4J7I 4J83 4J8O 4JDS 4JLG 5AYF 5EG2 5YLT
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