KIAA0753 and BRPF1

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Description KIAA0753 bromodomain and PHD finger containing 1
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 20 interacting genes: AARD BHLHA9 BRPF1 C1orf109 CCHCR1 CT55 FAM161A GCC1 HGS KIFC3 MNS1 RNF6 ROPN1 SMARCD1 SUOX TCHP TEAD4 USHBP1 ZNF114 ZNF777 11 interacting genes: CDCA7L CEP63 CEP70 GTF2H1 H3C14 ING5 KIAA0753 NECAB1 PBXIP1 USHBP1 USP20
Entrez ID 9851 7862
HPRD ID 11106 03875
Ensembl ID ENSG00000198920 ENSG00000156983
Uniprot IDs Q2KHM9 P55201
PDB IDs 2D9E 2RS9 2X35 2X4W 2X4X 2X4Y 3L42 3MO8 4LC2 4QYD 4QYL 4UYE 5C6S 5C7N 5C85 5C87 5C89 5D7X 5DY7 5DYA 5DYC 5E3D 5E3G 5EM3 5EPR 5EPS 5EQ1 5ERC 5ETB 5ETD 5EV9 5EVA 5EWC 5EWD 5EWH 5EWV 5EWW 5FFV 5FFW 5FFY 5FG4 5FG5 5G4R 5G4S 5MWG 5MWH 5MWZ 5MYG 5O4S 5O4T 5O55 5O5A 5O5F 5O5H 5OV8 5OWA 5OWB 5OWE 5T4U 5T4V 6EKQ 6U04 7C4I
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