BUB3 and RPL37A

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Description BUB3 mitotic checkpoint protein ribosomal protein L37a
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Brain morphology (min-P) ( 32665545)
  • Brain morphology (MOSTest) ( 32665545)
  • Cortical surface area (MOSTest) ( 32665545)
  • Cortical thickness (MOSTest) ( 32665545)
  • Extremely high intelligence ( 29520040)
  • Subcortical volume (min-P) ( 32665545)
  • Subcortical volume (MOSTest) ( 32665545)
  • White matter integrity (fractional anisotropy) ( 32358547)
Interacting Genes 17 interacting genes: BUB1 BUB1B CPNE1 EXOC3 HDAC1 HDAC2 PARP1 PARP2 PSTPIP1 PTEN RBBP7 RPL37A SUGT1 THRA TOP1 UBA1 WBP4 8 interacting genes: APP BUB3 CTPS2 FBXO7 IFNGR2 LRIF1 MAGEA6 NKX3-1
Entrez ID 9184 6168
HPRD ID 04761 17997
Ensembl ID ENSG00000154473 ENSG00000197756
Uniprot IDs A0A140VJF3 O43684 P61513
PDB IDs 4UG0 4V6X 5AJ0 5LKS 5T2C 6EK0 6IP5 6IP6 6IP8 6LQM 6LSR 6LSS 6LU8 6OLE 6OLF 6OLG 6OLI 6OLZ 6OM0 6OM7 6QZP 6W6L 6XA1 6Y0G 6Y2L 6Y57 6Y6X 6Z6L 6Z6M 6Z6N 6ZM7 6ZME 6ZMI 6ZMO
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