FAM25C and S100A6

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Description family with sequence similarity 25 member C S100 calcium binding protein A6
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • HDL cholesterol levels x short total sleep time interaction (2df test) ( 31719535)
Interacting Genes 18 interacting genes: ARMC10 ARMCX3 COX16 GPD1 IGLL1 KLHL35 LCN1 LCN2 MIEF1 MIEF2 PPIC PPIF S100A6 SNX1 TDRKH TOMM20L TTPA ZFAND3 17 interacting genes: ANXA11 ANXA2 CACYBP CEP20 CEP43 FAM25A FAM25C FAM25G FKBP4 GAPDH MDM2 OFD1 PEX5 PPID S100B SUGT1 TP53
Entrez ID 644054 6277
HPRD ID 19638 00237
Ensembl ID ENSG00000276430 ENSG00000197956
Uniprot IDs B3EWG3 B3EWG5 B3EWG6 P06703
PDB IDs 1K8U 1K96 1K9K 1K9P 2M1K 4YBH
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