S100B and TMEM159

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Description S100 calcium binding protein B transmembrane protein 159
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Cerebrospinal fluid t-tau:AB1-42 ratio ( 28641921)
  • Lymphocyte counts ( 22286170)
Interacting Genes 46 interacting genes: ADTRP AGER AGTRAP AHNAK ANXA6 BCL2L2 CACYBP CALM1 CAPZA1 CEP20 CT45A5 DES DNAJC30 FBXO7 FBXW5 GFAP GUCY2D IMP4 IMPA1 IQGAP1 LNX1 MAL2 MAPT MDM2 MDM4 NDRG1 NKAPD1 PGM1 RABAC1 S100A1 S100A11 S100A2 S100A4 S100A6 S100A9 S100P S100Z SDCBP SPG21 STK38 SUGT1 TMEM159 TMEM239 TNIP1 TP53 VAV1 9 interacting genes: CACFD1 COQ8A GAD2 S100B SEC22A SLC48A1 SYT16 TMEM19 ZNF391
Entrez ID 6285 57146
HPRD ID 01505 17428
Ensembl ID ENSG00000160307 ENSG00000011638
Uniprot IDs A0A0S2Z4C5 P04271 I3L288 I3NI23 Q96B96
PDB IDs 1MQ1 1UWO 2H61 2M49 2PRU 3CZT 3D0Y 3D10 3HCM 4XYN 5CSF 5CSI 5CSJ 5CSN 5D7F
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