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Description MRN complex interacting protein cAMP-dependent protein kinase inhibitor alpha
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 9 interacting genes: DUSP23 EFHC1 EIF3E ENKD1 NUTF2 NXF1 PICK1 PKIA PSMB1 12 interacting genes: AGFG1 CASP6 DYNLL1 DYNLL2 EGFR JUNB MRNIP PRC1 PRKACA PRKACB PRKX XPO1
Entrez ID 51149 5569
HPRD ID 17420 05828
Ensembl ID ENSG00000161010 ENSG00000171033
Uniprot IDs Q6NTE8 A0A024R7Y9 P61925
PDB IDs 1CMK 1JLU 1Q8T 1VEB 1XH4 1XH5 1XH6 1XH7 1XH8 1XH9 1XHA 1YDR 2C1A 2C1B 2F7E 2GNI 2JDS 2JDT 2JDV 2L1L 2UVX 2UVY 2UVZ 2UW0 2UW3 2UW4 2UW5 2UW6 2UW7 2UW8 2VNW 2VNY 2VO0 2VO3 2VO6 2VO7 3AMA 3AMB 3L9L 3L9M 3L9N 3MVJ 3NX8 3OOG 3OVV 3OWP 3OXT 3P0M 3POO 3VQH 3WYG 3X2U 3X2V 3X2W 4AXA 4IAC 4IAD 4IAF 4IAI 4IAK 4IAY 4IAZ 4IB0 4IB1 4IB3 4IE9 4IJ9 4O21 4O22 4UJ1 4UJ2 4UJ9 4UJA 4UJB 4WB5 4WB6 4WB7 4WB8 4Z83 4Z84 5BX6 5BX7 5DH9 5LCP 5LCQ 5LCR 5LCT 5LCU 5M0B 5M0C 5M0L 5M0U 5M6V 5M6Y 5M71 5M75 5N23 5XOJ 6E21 6E99 6E9L 6FRX 6QJ7 6X2U 6X2V 6X2W
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