PAH and RPS24

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Description phenylalanine hydroxylase ribosomal protein S24
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Amino acid levels ( 26068415)
  • Bisphosphonate-associated atypical femoral fracture ( 31006051)
  • Blood metabolite levels ( 24816252)
  • Metabolite levels (small molecules and protein measures) ( 27005778)
  • Plasma free amino acid levels ( 30659259)
  • Plasma free amino acid levels (adjusted for one other PFAA) ( 30659259)
  • Plasma free amino acid levels (adjusted for twenty other PFAAs) ( 30659259)
  • Serum metabolite levels ( 31636271)
  • Serum metabolite levels (CMS) ( 31636271)
Interacting Genes 3 interacting genes: PCBD1 QDPR RPS24 7 interacting genes: DUX4 ERCC6 PAH PCBD1 PNISR STK17B TAF9
Entrez ID 5053 6229
HPRD ID 08943 03877
Ensembl ID ENSG00000171759 ENSG00000138326
Uniprot IDs A0A024RBG4 P00439 A0A2R8Y849 P62847
PDB IDs 1DMW 1J8T 1J8U 1KW0 1LRM 1MMK 1MMT 1PAH 1TDW 1TG2 2PAH 3PAH 4ANP 4PAH 5FII 5PAH 6HPO 6HYC 6N1K 6PAH 4UG0 4V6X 5A2Q 5AJ0 5FLX 5LKS 5OA3 5T2C 5VYC 6EK0 6FEC 6G18 6G4S 6G4W 6G51 6G53 6G5H 6G5I 6IP5 6IP6 6IP8 6OLE 6OLF 6OLG 6OLI 6OLZ 6OM0 6OM7 6QZP 6XA1 6Y0G 6Y2L 6Y57 6YBW 6Z6L 6Z6M 6Z6N 6ZLW 6ZM7 6ZME 6ZMI 6ZMO 6ZMT 6ZMW 6ZN5 6ZOJ 6ZOK 6ZON 6ZP4 6ZVH 7K5I
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