ATXN10 and GLS

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Description ataxin 10 glutaminase
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Chronotype ( 30696823)
  • High light scatter reticulocyte count ( 32888494)
  • High light scatter reticulocyte percentage of red cells ( 32888494)
  • Immature fraction of reticulocytes ( 32888494 27863252)
  • JT interval (sulfonylurea treatment interaction) ( 27958378)
  • Reticulocyte count ( 32888494)
  • Reticulocyte fraction of red cells ( 32888494)
Interacting Genes 12 interacting genes: ABCA1 FN1 GLS GNB1 GNB2 GOLGA1 HSPB1 HTR6 LIMS1 MRPS16 PPP1R12A PTGER4 5 interacting genes: ATXN10 CDC42 PARD6A SNTA1 TAX1BP3
Entrez ID 25814 2744
HPRD ID 04624 00700
Ensembl ID ENSG00000130638 ENSG00000115419
Uniprot IDs Q9UBB4 O94925 Q68D38
PDB IDs 3CZD 3UNW 3UO9 3VOY 3VOZ 3VP0 3VP1 3VP2 3VP3 3VP4 4O7D 5D3O 5FI2 5FI6 5FI7 5HL1 5I94 5JYO 5JYP 5U0I 5U0J 5UQE 5WJ6 6UJG 6UJM 6UK6 6UKB 6UL9 6ULA 6ULJ 6UMC 6UMD 6UME 6UMF
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