ERCC1 and KIF11



Description ERCC excision repair 1, endonuclease non-catalytic subunit kinesin family member 11
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Alzheimer's disease or HDL levels (pleiotropy) ( 30805717)
  • Body mass index ( 26426971)
  • Body mass index (age>50) ( 26426971)
  • Body mass index x age interaction ( 26426971)
  • Body mass index x sex x age interaction (4df test) ( 26426971)
  • Simvastatin-induced myopathy ( 31220337)
Interacting Genes 18 interacting genes: APP CHRM5 ERCC4 GAS8 KIF11 MKRN3 RAD52 RPA1 RPA2 RPA3 SLX1A TRMT2B UBL7 UHRF1 USHBP1 USP45 VPS37B XPA 10 interacting genes: AURKA CDK1 DCTN1 ERCC1 ERCC4 PPARG RNF20 RNF40 SRPK2 SUMO2
Entrez ID 2067 3832
HPRD ID 00533 01023
Ensembl ID ENSG00000012061 ENSG00000138160
Uniprot IDs A0A024R0Q6 P07992 P52732
PDB IDs 1Z00 2A1I 2A1J 2JNW 2JPD 2MUT 6SXA 6SXB 1II6 1Q0B 1X88 1YRS 2FKY 2FL2 2FL6 2FME 2G1Q 2GM1 2IEH 2PG2 2Q2Y 2Q2Z 2UYI 2UYM 2WOG 2X2R 2X7C 2X7D 2X7E 2XAE 3CJO 3HQD 3K3B 3K5E 3KEN 3L9H 3WPN 3ZCW 4A1Z 4A28 4A50 4A51 4A5Y 4AP0 4AQV 4AQW 4AS7 4B7B 4BBG 4BXN 4CK5 4CK6 4CK7 4ZCA 4ZHI 5JV3 5ZO7 5ZO8 5ZO9 6G6Y 6G6Z 6HKX 6HKY 6TA3 6TA4 6TIW
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