RNF38 and RNF208

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Description ring finger protein 38 ring finger protein 208
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Bipolar disorder (inflammation and infection response interaction) ( 25781172)
Interacting Genes 25 interacting genes: CYSRT1 DTX3 DZIP3 KPRP KRTAP10-8 KRTAP11-1 KRTAP19-5 KRTAP21-2 KRTAP6-2 KRTAP7-1 KRTAP8-1 LASP1 OXER1 RNF114 RNF208 RUNX1 TP53 UBC UBE2D1 UBE2D2 UBE2D3 UBE2D4 UBE2H UBE2N ZDHHC17 18 interacting genes: BUD31 CREB5 DAZAP2 GRB2 HOXA1 KRTAP15-1 KRTAP26-1 LITAF OXER1 PIN1 RNF38 RPIA SH3RF1 STAC TRIM32 UBQLN1 UBQLN2 USP54
Entrez ID 152006 727800
HPRD ID 11519
Ensembl ID ENSG00000137075 ENSG00000212864
Uniprot IDs Q9H0F5 Q9H0X6
PDB IDs 1X4J 4V3K 4V3L
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