DBF4 and ORC2

  • Data Source:
  • HPRD (two hybrid, in vitro)



Description DBF4 zinc finger origin recognition complex subunit 2
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Plasma parathyroid hormone levels ( 30134803)
  • Triptolide cytotoxicity ( 26121980)
Interacting Genes 18 interacting genes: BRCA1 CDC7 CDK2 CHAF1A CHEK2 LSM8 MCM2 MCM3 MCM4 MCM6 MCM7 MCMBP MEN1 ORC1 ORC2 ORC3 ORC5 ORC6 28 interacting genes: CDC45 CDC5L CDC6 CDK2 CDT1 CTNNA3 DBF4 EP300 H3-4 H4-16 KAT7 MCM10 MCM2 MCM3 MCM4 MCM5 MCM6 MCM7 ORC1 ORC3 ORC4 ORC5 ORC6 RAD18 RIPPLY3 RPA1 RPA2 XRCC5
Entrez ID 10926 4999
HPRD ID 10371 03112
Ensembl ID ENSG00000006634 ENSG00000115942
Uniprot IDs B4DXK0 B7Z8C6 Q9UBU7 A0A024R411 Q13416
PDB IDs 4F99 4F9A 4F9B 4F9C 6YA6 6YA7 6YA8 5C8H 5UJ8 5UJM 7JPO 7JPP 7JPQ 7JPR 7JPS
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