USP16 and TTK

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Description ubiquitin specific peptidase 16 TTK protein kinase
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 15 interacting genes: CALM1 CDK1 EXOSC10 FBXO11 H2AC18 H2AC20 H2AC4 H2AZ1 H2BC3 H4-16 PLK1 PTOV1 TTK UBC UBD 14 interacting genes: APP AZU1 CDCA8 CDK2 HSP90AA1 KNL1 MAPK6 POLR2A RAD52 RPS6KA1 TP53 TUBB TUBB1 USP16
Entrez ID 10600 7272
HPRD ID 06881 04973
Ensembl ID ENSG00000156256 ENSG00000112742
Uniprot IDs Q9Y5T5 P33981
PDB IDs 2I50 2X9E 2ZMC 2ZMD 3CEK 3DBQ 3GFW 3H9F 3HMN 3HMO 3HMP 3VQU 3W1F 3WYX 3WYY 3WZJ 3WZK 4B94 4BHZ 4BI0 4BI1 4BI2 4C4E 4C4F 4C4G 4C4H 4C4I 4C4J 4CV8 4CV9 4CVA 4D2S 4H7X 4H7Y 4JS8 4JT3 4O6L 4ZEG 5AP0 5AP1 5AP2 5AP3 5AP4 5AP5 5AP6 5AP7 5EH0 5EHL 5EHO 5EHY 5EI2 5EI6 5EI8 5LJJ 5MRB 5N7V 5N84 5N87 5N93 5N9S 5NA0 5NAD 5NTT 5O91 6B4W 6GVJ 6H3K 6N6O 6TN9 6TNB 6TNC 6TND
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