UBTD1 and CD1A

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Description ubiquitin domain containing 1 CD1a molecule
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Obesity-related traits ( 23251661)
  • Post bronchodilator FEV1/FVC ratio ( 26634245)
  • Change in neurofilament light levels ( 31295725)
  • Dental caries (decayed and filled deciduous teeth) ( 31533690)
Interacting Genes 22 interacting genes: BCOR CD1A FZD5 KIAA2026 MID1 MID2 MRFAP1 MRFAP1L1 PFKM RANBP2 RNF10 RNF5 TEAD1 TP53BP2 TRAF6 TRIM39 TRIM50 UBE2D1 UBE2D2 UBE2D3 UBE2D4 WWP2 4 interacting genes: B2M DGAT1 KCTD5 UBTD1
Entrez ID 80019 909
HPRD ID 08568 01776
Ensembl ID ENSG00000165886 ENSG00000158477
Uniprot IDs Q9HAC8 P06126
PDB IDs 1ONQ 1XZ0 4X6C 4X6D 4X6E 4X6F 5J1A 6NUX
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