KAT6A and H4C9

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Description lysine acetyltransferase 6A H4 clustered histone 9
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 19 interacting genes: AKT1 ATN1 ATXN1 CREBBP H3-4 H3-5 H3C1 H3C14 H4-16 H4C1 H4C9 HEMGN MAFK PML RERE RUNX1 SPI1 TP53 UBE2U 8 interacting genes: ACTN2 APP ASF1A BPTF EP300 KAT6A NAA40 UCHL5
Entrez ID 7994 8294
HPRD ID 03244 09109
Ensembl ID ENSG00000083168 ENSG00000276180
Uniprot IDs A5PKX7 A5PLL3 Q92794 B2R4R0 P62805
PDB IDs 1M36 2LN0 2OZU 2RC4 3V43 4LJN 4LK9 4LKA 4LLB 5B75 5B76 5B77 5B78 1ZKK 2BQZ 2CV5 2IG0 2KWN 2KWO 2LVM 2QQS 2RJE 2RNY 2RS9 3A6N 3AFA 3AN2 3AV1 3AV2 3AYW 3AZE 3AZF 3AZG 3AZH 3AZI 3AZJ 3AZK 3AZL 3AZM 3AZN 3CFS 3CFV 3F9W 3F9X 3F9Y 3F9Z 3IJ1 3JPX 3NQJ 3NQU 3O36 3QBY 3QZS 3QZT 3QZV 3R45 3UVW 3UVX 3UVY 3UW9 3W96 3W97 3W98 3W99 3WA9 3WAA 3WKJ 3WTP 3X1S 3X1T 3X1U 3X1V 4GQB 4H9N 4H9O 4H9P 4H9Q 4H9R 4H9S 4HGA 4M38 4N3W 4N4F 4QUT 4QUU 4QYD 4U9W 4YM5 4YM6 4YY6 4YYD 4YYG 4YYH 4YYI 4YYJ 4YYK 4YYM 4YYN 4Z2M 4Z5T 5AV5 5AV6 5AV8 5AV9 5AVB 5AVC 5AY8 5B0Y 5B0Z 5B24 5B2I 5B2J 5B31 5B32 5B33 5B40 5BNV 5BNX 5BO0 5C3I 5CPI 5CPJ 5CPK 5FA5 5FFW 5FWE 5GSE 5GSU 5GT0 5GT3 5GTC 5GXQ 5JA4 5JRG 5KDM 5TEG 5X7X 5XF3 5XF4 5XF5 5Y0C 5Y0D 5YE3 5YE4 5Z23 5Z30 5ZBX 5ZGC 6A5L 6A5O 6A5P 6A5R 6A5T 6A5U 6ACP 6BUZ 6C0W 6E0C 6E0P 6FML 6HKT 6HTS 6INQ 6IR9 6J4W 6J4X 6J4Y 6J4Z 6J50 6J51 6JOU 6JR0 6JR1 6K1I 6K1J 6K1K 6KE9 6KVD 6KXV 6L49 6L4A 6L9H 6LA8 6LA9 6LE9 6M3V 6M44 6M4D 6M4G 6M4H 6MLC 6MUO 6MUP 6O1D 6R0C 6R8Y 6R8Z 6R90 6R91 6R92 6R93 6R94 6RNY 6RXS 6SE0 6SE6 6SEE 6SEF 6SEG 6T79 6T7A 6T7B 6T7C 6T7D 6T90 6T93 6UPK 6UPL 6USJ 6V92 6VO5 6X59 6X5A 6XJD 6Y5D 6YOV 7A08 7C0M 7JO9 7JOA
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