C11orf49 and CDC16

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Description chromosome 11 open reading frame 49 cell division cycle 16
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Alzheimer's disease or fasting glucose levels (pleiotropy) ( 30805717)
  • Autism spectrum disorder or schizophrenia ( 28540026)
  • D-dimer levels ( 21502573)
  • HDL cholesterol levels ( 32203549)
  • Intraocular pressure ( 29617998)
  • Neurociticism ( 29500382)
Interacting Genes 19 interacting genes: ARHGEF15 CDC16 ENY2 FH GCA GSR PHF1 PNMA5 PRKAR1A PSMA1 RAB17 RAB29 RBM48 RPL8 RPS3A TXN2 UBE3A UBQLN4 ZFHX3 24 interacting genes: ANAPC10 ANAPC11 ANAPC7 BUB1B C11orf49 CDC20 CDC23 CDC26 CDC27 DAB2 DNAJA1 FBXO5 FTH1 HINT1 LINC00839 MAD2L1 MAPK9 MTNR1B PPP5C SKIL SMAD2 SMAD3 UBE2S XRCC5
Entrez ID 79096 8881
HPRD ID 08332 04587
Ensembl ID ENSG00000149179 ENSG00000130177
Uniprot IDs B4DUV7 Q9H6J7 A0A024RDZ2 A0A3B3ISD2 B2RCW0 Q13042
PDB IDs 3HYM 4UI9 5A31 5G04 5G05 5KHR 5KHU 5L9T 5L9U 5LCW 6Q6G 6Q6H 6TLJ 6TM5
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