REN and M6PR

  • Data Source:
  • HPRD (in vitro)



Description renin mannose-6-phosphate receptor, cation dependent
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Blood protein levels ( 29875488)
  • Blood protein levels in cardiovascular risk ( 28369058)
  • Response to cognitive-behavioural therapy in anxiety disorder ( 31123309)
Interacting Genes 9 interacting genes: AGT ATP6AP2 CCDC24 CTSB KCTD15 M6PR PCSK1 PCSK5 RENBP 12 interacting genes: DUSP12 GGA1 GGA2 GGA3 GIMAP5 HSPA12A JUN KTN1 NINJ2 PLIN3 REN SMCO4
Entrez ID 5972 4074
HPRD ID 01564 01106
Ensembl ID ENSG00000143839 ENSG00000003056
Uniprot IDs P00797 F5GX30 P20645
PDB IDs 1BBS 1BIL 1BIM 1HRN 1RNE 2BKS 2BKT 2FS4 2G1N 2G1O 2G1R 2G1S 2G1Y 2G20 2G21 2G22 2G24 2G26 2G27 2I4Q 2IKO 2IKU 2IL2 2REN 2V0Z 2V10 2V11 2V12 2V13 2V16 2X0B 3D91 3G6Z 3G70 3G72 3GW5 3K1W 3KM4 3O9L 3OAD 3OAG 3OOT 3OQF 3OQK 3OWN 3Q3T 3Q4B 3Q5H 3SFC 3VCM 3VSW 3VSX 3VUC 3VYD 3VYE 3VYF 4AMT 4GJ5 4GJ6 4GJ7 4GJ8 4GJ9 4GJA 4GJB 4GJC 4GJD 4PYV 4Q1N 4RYC 4RYG 4RZ1 4S1G 4XX3 4XX4 5KOQ 5KOS 5KOT 5SXN 5SY2 5SY3 5SZ9 5T4S 5TMG 5TMK 5V8V 5VPM 5VRP 6I3F 1JUQ
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