SCAF1 and BUD31

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Description SR-related CTD associated factor 1 BUD31 homolog
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Facial emotion recognition (sad faces) ( 28608620)
  • Serum metabolite levels ( 23093944)
Interacting Genes 9 interacting genes: BUD31 CIB1 GSC2 GSTP1 MEOX2 MTSS2 RTN4IP1 SRPK2 UBQLN4 23 interacting genes: ADCY7 APP ATP13A1 BEND5 CCT3 CTNNBL1 ERGIC3 HLA-A HOXA1 HTR5A KRTAP10-3 KRTAP10-7 MARCHF6 MEOX2 MMP24 NPC1 PANX1 PICK1 RELB RNF208 SCAF1 TMEM94 TSPAN7
Entrez ID 58506 8896
HPRD ID 11604 10351
Ensembl ID ENSG00000126461 ENSG00000106245
Uniprot IDs Q9H7N4 P41223
PDB IDs 4OED 4OH6 4OKB 5MQF 5XJC 5YZG 5Z56 5Z57 6FF4 6FF7 6ICZ 6ID0 6ID1 6QDV 6ZYM
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