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Description Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 4 major histocompatibility complex, class I, B
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Degraded stimulus continuous performance test score ( 31596458)
  • Progression free survival in metastatic colorectal cancer (CAPOX-B vs CAPOX-B plus cetuximab) ( 26222057)
Interacting Genes 7 interacting genes: APC CDC42 HLA-B HSF2BP KHDRBS1 RAC1 RHOA 16 interacting genes: ARHGEF4 ATF7IP B2M CD8A CSF1 KIR3DL1 KIR3DS1 KLRD1 LILRB1 LILRB2 MAGEA1 SRC STAT1 TRA TRB TRIB3
Entrez ID 50649 3106
HPRD ID 05559 00828
Ensembl ID ENSG00000136002 ENSG00000234745
Uniprot IDs Q9NR80 Q9NTG0 E5FQ95 P01889
PDB IDs 2DX1 2PZ1 3NMX 3NMZ 1A1M 1A1N 1A1O 1A9B 1A9E 1AGB 1AGC 1AGD 1AGE 1AGF 1CG9 1E27 1E28 1HSA 1JGD 1JGE 1K5N 1M05 1M6O 1MI5 1N2R 1OF2 1OGT 1SYS 1SYV 1UXS 1UXW 1W0V 1W0W 1XH3 1XR8 1XR9 1ZHK 1ZHL 1ZSD 2A83 2AK4 2AXF 2AXG 2BSR 2BSS 2BST 2BVO 2BVP 2BVQ 2H6P 2HJL 2NW3 2NX5 2RFX 2YPK 2YPL 3B3I 3B6S 3BP4 3BP7 3BW9 3BWA 3C9N 3CZF 3D18 3DTX 3DX6 3DX7 3DX8 3DXA 3FFC 3HCV 3KPL 3KPM 3KPN 3KPO 3KPP 3KPQ 3KPR 3KPS 3KWW 3KXF 3L3D 3L3G 3L3I 3L3J 3L3K 3LKN 3LKO 3LKP 3LKQ 3LKR 3LKS 3LN4 3LN5 3LV3 3MV7 3MV8 3MV9 3SJV 3SKM 3SKO 3SPV 3UPR 3VCL 3VFS 3VFT 3VFU 3VFV 3VFW 3VH8 3VRI 3VRJ 3W39 3WUW 3X11 3X12 3X13 3X14 4G8G 4G8I 4G9D 4G9F 4JQV 4JQX 4LCY 4LNR 4MJI 4O2C 4O2E 4O2F 4PR5 4PRN 4QRP 4QRQ 4QRR 4QRS 4QRT 4QRU 4U1H 4U1I 4U1J 4U1K 4U1L 4U1M 4U1N 4U1S 4XXC 5B38 5B39 5DEF 5DEG 5EO0 5EO1 5IB1 5IB2 5IB3 5IB4 5IB5 5IEH 5IEK 5IM7 5INC 5IND 5T6W 5T6X 5T6Y 5T6Z 5T70 5TXS 5U98 5V5L 5V5M 5VUD 5VUE 5VUF 5VWD 5VWF 5VWH 5VWJ 5VZ5 5WMN 5WMO 5WMP 5WMQ 5WMR 5XOS 5XOT 6AT5 6AVF 6AVG 6BJ2 6BJ3 6BJ8 6BXP 6BXQ 6D29 6D2B 6D2R 6D2T 6MT3 6MT4 6MT5 6MT6 6MTL 6MTM 6P23 6P27 6P2C 6P2F 6P2S 6PYJ 6PYL 6PYV 6PYW 6PZ5 6VMX
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