NASP and H3C15

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  • BioGRID (affinity chromatography technology, two hybrid)



Description nuclear autoantigenic sperm protein H3 clustered histone 15
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 26 interacting genes: ASF1A CDC42 H1-1 H1-2 H3-4 H3-5 H3C1 H3C10 H3C11 H3C12 H3C13 H3C14 H3C15 H3C2 H3C3 H3C4 H3C6 H3C7 H3C8 HDAC6 LUC7L2 MTNR1A PTK2 TERF2 TERF2IP ULK2 18 interacting genes: ANP32A CBX5 DNTTIP2 EHMT2 GTF3C4 HDAC9 KDM5A KDM5C LALBA MECP2 NASP PADI4 PRDM1 PRMT6 SETDB1 SUV39H1 UBR7 UHRF1
Entrez ID 4678 333932
HPRD ID 04423
Ensembl ID ENSG00000132780 ENSG00000203852
Uniprot IDs P49321 Q5T626 Q71DI3
PDB IDs 2IIJ 2X4W 2X4X 2X4Y 3AV1 3DB3 3MO8 3QO2 3R93 4MZF 4MZG 4MZH 4OUC 5B0Y 5B0Z 5B40 5BO0 5CIU 5VAC 6ACE 6FML 6T79 6T7A 6T7B 6T7C 6T7D 6X59 6X5A 6XJD 6Y5D 6Y5E 7BQZ 7BU9 7JO9 7JOA
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