HOXB2 and SOD1

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  • HPRD (in vivo)



Description homeobox B2 superoxide dismutase 1
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( 20801718)
Interacting Genes 13 interacting genes: CREBBP DTX2 EP300 MID2 MNDA MORN3 NDOR1 PBX4 RCHY1 RUNX1T1 SOD1 UBASH3B ZNF410 14 interacting genes: AMFR BCL2 CCS COMMD1 CRYAB DNAJB1 HOXB2 KARS1 MARCHF5 PARK7 PPP3CA RNF19A SMAD2 UBE3A
Entrez ID 3212 6647
HPRD ID 00854 00937
Ensembl ID ENSG00000173917 ENSG00000142168
Uniprot IDs P14652 P00441 V9HWC9
PDB IDs 1AZV 1BA9 1DSW 1FUN 1HL4 1HL5 1KMG 1L3N 1MFM 1N18 1N19 1OEZ 1OZT 1OZU 1P1V 1PTZ 1PU0 1RK7 1SOS 1SPD 1UXL 1UXM 2AF2 2C9S 2C9U 2C9V 2GBT 2GBU 2GBV 2LU5 2MP3 2NAM 2NNX 2R27 2V0A 2VR6 2VR7 2VR8 2WKO 2WYT 2WYZ 2WZ0 2WZ5 2WZ6 2XJK 2XJL 2ZKW 2ZKX 2ZKY 3CQP 3CQQ 3ECU 3ECV 3ECW 3GQF 3GTV 3GZO 3GZP 3GZQ 3H2P 3H2Q 3HFF 3K91 3KH3 3KH4 3LTV 3QQD 3RE0 3T5W 4A7G 4A7Q 4A7S 4A7T 4A7U 4A7V 4B3E 4BCY 4BCZ 4BD4 4FF9 4MCM 4MCN 4NIN 4NIO 4NIP 4OH2 4SOD 4XCR 5DLI 5IIW 5J07 5J0C 5J0F 5J0G 5K02 5O3Y 5O40 5U9M 5WMJ 5WOR 5YTO 5YTU 5YUL 6A9O 6B79 6DTK 6FFK 6FLH 6FOI 6FOL 6FON 6FP6 6SPA 6SPH 6SPI 6SPJ 6SPK 6Z3V 6Z4G 6Z4H 6Z4I 6Z4J 6Z4K 6Z4L 6Z4M 6Z4O
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