UTP20 and PPP1R26

  • Data Source:
  • BioGRID (affinity chromatography technology)
  • HPRD (two hybrid, in vitro, in vivo)



Description UTP20 small subunit processome component protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 26
Image No pdb structure No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Alcohol dependence (age at onset) ( 24962325)
  • Brain structure (hippocampal volume) ( 20197096)
  • Health literacy ( 31250787)
Interacting Genes 72 interacting genes: MIR1-1 MIR1-2 MIR106A MIR106B MIR107 MIR10B MIR122 MIR128-1 MIR128-2 MIR138-1 MIR138-2 MIR140 MIR141 MIR143 MIR145 MIR155 MIR15A MIR15B MIR16-1 MIR16-2 MIR17 MIR18A MIR18B MIR199A1 MIR199A2 MIR19A MIR19B1 MIR19B2 MIR200A MIR200B MIR200C MIR205 MIR206 MIR20A MIR20B MIR21 MIR214 MIR221 MIR222 MIR25 MIR29A MIR29B1 MIR29B2 MIR29C MIR31 MIR34A MIR34B MIR34C MIR363 MIR429 MIR451A MIR7-1 MIR7-2 MIR7-3 MIR9-1 MIR9-2 MIR9-3 MIR92A1 MIR92A2 MIR93 MIRLET7A1 MIRLET7A2 MIRLET7A3 MIRLET7B MIRLET7C MIRLET7D MIRLET7E MIRLET7F1 MIRLET7F2 MIRLET7G MIRLET7I PPP1R26 5 interacting genes: HOOK2 PPP1CA RB1 TRIB3 UTP20
Entrez ID 27340 9858
HPRD ID 09928 11099
Ensembl ID ENSG00000120800 ENSG00000196422
Uniprot IDs O75691 Q5T8A7
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