PDCD4 and RPS13

  • Data Source:
  • HPRD (in vitro, two hybrid)



Description programmed cell death 4 ribosomal protein S13
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Fish- and plant-related diet ( 32066663)
  • Body mass index ( 26426971)
  • Smoking status (ever vs never smokers) ( 30643258)
Interacting Genes 16 interacting genes: APOE BTRC CSNK2A1 EIF4A2 EIF4A3 EIF4G1 IBTK LRRK1 PSEN1 PSEN2 RPL5 RPLP1 RPS13 RPS6KA1 SKP2 SUMO2 6 interacting genes: DUX4 MAP3K14 NFKB2 PDCD4 PTEN SPP1
Entrez ID 27250 6207
HPRD ID 10549 01604
Ensembl ID ENSG00000150593 ENSG00000110700
Uniprot IDs B4DKX4 Q53EL6 P62277
PDB IDs 2GGF 2KZT 2RG8 2ZU6 3EIJ 4UG0 4V6X 5A2Q 5AJ0 5FLX 5LKS 5OA3 5T2C 5VYC 6EK0 6FEC 6G18 6G4S 6G4W 6G51 6G53 6G5H 6G5I 6IP5 6IP6 6IP8 6OLE 6OLF 6OLG 6OLI 6OLZ 6OM0 6OM7 6QZP 6XA1 6Y0G 6Y2L 6Y57 6YBD 6YBW 6Z6L 6Z6M 6Z6N 6ZLW 6ZM7 6ZME 6ZMI 6ZMO 6ZMT 6ZMW 6ZN5 6ZOJ 6ZOK 6ZON 6ZP4 6ZVH 6ZVJ 7A09 7K5I
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