PRPF8 and ZNF830

  • Data Source:
  • BioGRID (two hybrid, affinity chromatography technology)



Description pre-mRNA processing factor 8 zinc finger protein 830
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 21 interacting genes: ABCA1 DHX9 DUX4 ERG GPKOW H2BC5 HNRNPH2 NEDD4 PIN1 PRPF19 PTEN RNF20 SERPINB2 SLC22A2 SND1 SNRNP200 SUMO2 TP53 UBC UBE2I ZNF830 7 interacting genes: FRA10AC1 ILF3 PCBP1 PRPF8 RAB4A SESTD1 THOC5
Entrez ID 10594 91603
HPRD ID 06295 14469
Ensembl ID ENSG00000174231 ENSG00000198783
Uniprot IDs Q6P2Q9 Q96NB3
PDB IDs 3E9L 3ENB 3JCR 3LRU 4JK7 4JK8 4JK9 4JKA 4JKB 4JKC 4JKD 4JKE 4JKF 4JKG 4JKH 4KIT 5MQF 5O9Z 5XJC 5YZG 5Z56 5Z57 5Z58 6AH0 6AHD 6FF4 6FF7 6ICZ 6ID0 6ID1 6QDV 6QW6 6QX9 6S8Q 6S9I 6ZYM 7A5P
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