H2BC15 and H2AC8

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Description H2B clustered histone 15 H2A clustered histone 8
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 19 interacting genes: BCCIP EWSR1 FAM133A FAM9A H1-7 H2AB2 H2AB3 H2AC18 H2AC19 H2AC4 H2AC8 MACROH2A1 MACROH2A2 NKAPD1 PRR13 RPL22 SPANXN2 SREK1IP1 TSPYL2 3 interacting genes: EID1 H2BC15 NAP1L4
Entrez ID 8341 3012
HPRD ID 11899 04152
Ensembl ID ENSG00000233822 ENSG00000277075
Uniprot IDs A0A024RCJ9 Q99877 P04908 Q08AJ9
PDB IDs 2CV5 2RVQ 3A6N 3AFA 3AN2 3AV1 3AV2 3AYW 3AZE 3AZF 3AZG 3AZH 3AZI 3AZJ 3AZK 3AZL 3AZM 3AZN 3W96 3W97 3W98 3W99 3WKJ 3WTP 3X1S 3X1V 4YM5 4YM6 4Z5T 5AV5 5AV6 5AV8 5AV9 5AVB 5AVC 5AY8 5B0Y 5B0Z 5B24 5B2I 5B2J 5B31 5B32 5B40 5CPI 5CPJ 5CPK 5GSE 5GTC 5GXQ 5JRG 5X7X 5XF3 5XF4 5XF5 5Y0C 5Y0D 5Z23 5ZBX 6A5L 6A5O 6A5P 6A5R 6A5T 6A5U 6ACL 6AEE 6BUZ 6E0C 6E0P 6HKT 6HTS 6INQ 6IPU 6IQ4 6IR9 6J4W 6J4X 6J4Y 6J4Z 6J50 6J51 6JR0 6JR1 6JXD 6KE9 6KXV 6L49 6L4A 6L9H 6LA8 6LA9 6LE9 6M3V 6M44 6O1D 6R8Y 6R8Z 6R90 6R91 6R92 6R93 6R94 6T79 6T7A 6T7B 6T7C 6T7D 6T90 6T93 6V92 6YOV 7C0M 7CCQ 7CCR
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