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Description GRAM domain containing 2B ABO, alpha 1-3-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase and alpha 1-3-galactosyltransferase
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 11 interacting genes: ABO CD207 CDC37 FRMD8 GIMAP5 MORF4L2 NAPRT PAEP SEC22A TMEM43 VAMP5 2 interacting genes: GRAMD2B TMEM79
Entrez ID 65983 28
HPRD ID 11402 05821
Ensembl ID ENSG00000155324 ENSG00000175164
Uniprot IDs Q96HH9 A0A089QDC1 P16442
PDB IDs 1LZ0 1LZ7 1LZI 1LZJ 1R7T 1R7U 1R7V 1R7X 1R7Y 1R80 1R81 1R82 1WSZ 1WT0 1WT1 1WT2 1WT3 1XZ6 1ZHJ 1ZI1 1ZI3 1ZI4 1ZI5 1ZIZ 1ZJ0 1ZJ1 1ZJ2 1ZJ3 1ZJO 1ZJP 2A8U 2A8W 2I7B 2O1F 2O1G 2O1H 2PGV 2PGY 2RIT 2RIX 2RIY 2RIZ 2RJ0 2RJ1 2RJ4 2RJ5 2RJ6 2RJ7 2RJ8 2RJ9 2Y7A 3I0C 3I0D 3I0E 3I0F 3I0G 3I0H 3I0I 3I0J 3I0K 3I0L 3IOH 3IOI 3IOJ 3SX3 3SX5 3SX7 3SX8 3SXA 3SXB 3SXC 3SXD 3SXE 3SXG 3U0X 3U0Y 3V0L 3V0M 3V0N 3V0O 3V0P 3V0Q 3ZGF 3ZGG 4C2S 4FQW 4FRA 4FRB 4FRD 4FRE 4FRH 4FRL 4FRM 4FRO 4FRP 4FRQ 4GBP 4KC1 4KC2 4KC4 4KXO 4Y62 4Y63 4Y64 5BXC 5C1G 5C1H 5C1L 5C36 5C38 5C3A 5C3B 5C3D 5C47 5C48 5C49 5C4B 5C4C 5C4D 5C4E 5C4F 5C8R 5CMF 5CMG 5CMH 5CMI 5CMJ 5CQL 5CQM 5CQN 5CQO 5CQP 5M79 5M7A 5M7B 5M7C 5M7D 5TJK 5TJL 5TJN 5TJO 6BJI 6BJJ 6BJK 6BJL 6BJM 6GWY 6GWZ 6GX0 6GX1 6GX2
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