PECAM1 and CD38

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  • HPRD (in vitro)



Description platelet and endothelial cell adhesion molecule 1 CD38 molecule
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 22 interacting genes: CD38 CSK CTNNB1 DSP EFNB2 FYN HCK INPP5D ITGA5 ITGB3 JUP LCK LYN PIK3R1 PLCG1 PRKCE PRPF40A PTPN11 PTPN6 SRC XRCC6 YES1 6 interacting genes: CBL CD4 CD9 FCGR3A LCK PECAM1
Entrez ID 5175 952
HPRD ID 01425 00116
Ensembl ID ENSG00000261371 ENSG00000004468
Uniprot IDs P16284 B4E006 P28907
PDB IDs 2KY5 5C14 5GNI 1YH3 1ZVM 2EF1 2HCT 2I65 2I66 2I67 2O3Q 2O3R 2O3S 2O3T 2O3U 2PGJ 2PGL 3DZF 3DZG 3DZH 3DZI 3DZJ 3DZK 3F6Y 3I9M 3I9N 3OFS 3RAJ 3ROK 3ROM 3ROP 3ROQ 3U4H 3U4I 4CMH 4F45 4F46 4OGW 4TMF 4XJS 4XJT 5F1K 5F1O 5F21 6EDR 6VUA
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