LAMA4 and BRD7



Description laminin subunit alpha 4 bromodomain containing 7
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Allergic sensitization ( 30013184)
  • Epilepsy ( 30531953)
  • Liver enzyme levels (alanine transaminase) ( 24124411)
  • Medication use (thyroid preparations) ( 31015401)
Interacting Genes 17 interacting genes: APC ATF7IP BRD7 COPS6 EEF1A1 FHL1 GAPDH LRIF1 MED31 PTN RTN4 RTP2 TP53 TUBB2A UBR1 UNC119 ZHX1 30 interacting genes: AGR2 BARD1 BHLHE40 BRD3 BTBD2 DVL1 FTH1 H2AC16 H2BC21 H3-3A H3-4 H3C14 H4-16 HAP1 HNRNPUL1 IRF2 LAMA4 LRIF1 MX1 NEFL PAFAH1B3 PARP1 PCBD1 PLEKHF2 PSMD11 PTPN13 RIF1 RPLP1 SERPINB9 TRIM24
Entrez ID 3910 29117
HPRD ID 02532 12531
Ensembl ID ENSG00000112769 ENSG00000166164
Uniprot IDs A0A0A0MQS9 A0A0A0MTC7 Q16363 Q5D044 Q9NPI1
PDB IDs 2I7K 5MQ1 6PPA 6V0Q 6V16 6V17 6V1E 6V1F 6V1H
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