KRTAP10-6 and ZNF600

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Description keratin associated protein 10-6 zinc finger protein 600
Image No pdb structure No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Diverticular disease ( 30177863)
  • Emphysema annual change measurement in smokers (adjusted lung density) ( 31324189)
  • Phospholipid levels (plasma) ( 22359512)
Interacting Genes 73 interacting genes: ADAMTSL3 AVPI1 CLK1 CLK4 DHX57 DKK2 FOXD4 HAND1 HHEX HOXB5 KIAA0040 KIF9 KRTAP10-5 KRTAP4-2 KRTAP4-4 KRTAP4-5 KRTAP5-11 KRTAP5-2 KRTAP5-9 LCE1E LCE1F LCE2C LCE2D LCE3B LCE3E LCE4A MFSD3 MOBP MT1B NAA10 NAXD NKD1 NMU NOL12 NPDC1 PBXIP1 PIN1 RSPO2 SNIP1 SPATA3 STRA6 VASN WT1 YTHDC1 ZBTB24 ZC3HAV1 ZIM2 ZNF114 ZNF138 ZNF155 ZNF169 ZNF221 ZNF239 ZNF264 ZNF280C ZNF302 ZNF319 ZNF418 ZNF440 ZNF479 ZNF490 ZNF543 ZNF563 ZNF595 ZNF600 ZNF669 ZNF672 ZNF679 ZNF696 ZNF774 ZNF776 ZNF792 ZNHIT1 2 interacting genes: KRTAP10-6 MAPK6
Entrez ID 386674 162966
HPRD ID 11192 11733
Ensembl ID ENSG00000188155 ENSG00000189190
Uniprot IDs P60371 A0A3B3IT03 Q6ZNG1
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