CXCL10 and DPP4

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  • HPRD (in vitro)



Description C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 10 dipeptidyl peptidase 4
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 22 interacting genes: CCL11 CCL13 CCL21 CCL26 CCL28 CCL5 CCL8 CCR3 CXCL11 CXCL12 CXCL14 CXCL17 CXCL6 CXCL9 CXCR3 DPP4 IGFBP7 PF4 PF4V1 PPBP VCAN XCL1 16 interacting genes: ADA CCL11 CCL22 CCL3L1 CCL5 CD4 CPAMD8 CXCL10 CXCL11 CXCL12 CXCL9 CXCR4 DKK1 FAP GRP PTPRC
Entrez ID 3627 1803
HPRD ID 00930 02187
Ensembl ID ENSG00000169245 ENSG00000197635
Uniprot IDs P02778 P27487
PDB IDs 1LV9 1O7Y 1O7Z 1O80 1J2E 1N1M 1NU6 1NU8 1PFQ 1R9M 1R9N 1RWQ 1TK3 1TKR 1U8E 1W1I 1WCY 1X70 2AJL 2BGN 2BGR 2BUB 2FJP 2G5P 2G5T 2G63 2HHA 2I03 2I78 2IIT 2IIV 2JID 2OAG 2OGZ 2OLE 2ONC 2OPH 2OQI 2OQV 2P8S 2QJR 2QKY 2QOE 2QT9 2QTB 2RGU 2RIP 3BJM 3C43 3C45 3CCB 3CCC 3D4L 3EIO 3F8S 3G0B 3G0C 3G0D 3G0G 3H0C 3HAB 3HAC 3KWF 3KWJ 3NOX 3O95 3O9V 3OC0 3OPM 3Q0T 3Q8W 3QBJ 3SWW 3SX4 3VJK 3VJL 3VJM 3W2T 3WQH 4A5S 4DSA 4DSZ 4DTC 4G1F 4J3J 4JH0 4KR0 4L72 4LKO 4N8D 4N8E 4PNZ 4PV7 4QZV 5I7U 5ISM 5J3J 5KBY 5T4B 5T4E 5T4F 5T4H 5Y7H 5Y7J 5Y7K 5ZID 6B1E 6B1O
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