HOXA10 and SIRT2

  • Data Source:
  • HPRD (in vitro, in vivo, two hybrid)



Description homeobox A10 sirtuin 2
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 13 interacting genes: CREBBP EMX1 EP300 FOXO1 GMNN GNG13 MEIS1 PBX1 POLR3D PTPN6 SIRT2 SNAPC1 SPI1 19 interacting genes: ARHGDIA CDC14B CDC20 CDK2 EP300 FZR1 H3C1 HDAC6 HIF1A HOXA10 KAT2A KAT2B MDM2 OXTR PLA2G4A RAD51 SP140 TUBA4A XPO1
Entrez ID 3206 22933
HPRD ID 00845 10377
Ensembl ID ENSG00000253293 ENSG00000068903
Uniprot IDs P31260 A0A024R0G8 A0A0A0MRF5 Q8IXJ6
PDB IDs 1J8F 3ZGO 3ZGV 4L3O 4R8M 4RMG 4RMH 4RMI 4RMJ 4X3O 4X3P 4Y6L 4Y6O 4Y6Q 5D7O 5D7P 5D7Q 5DY4 5DY5 5FYQ 5G4C 5MAR 5MAT 5Y0Z 5Y5N 5YQL 5YQM 5YQN 5YQO 6L65 6L66 6NR0 6QCN
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