SUN2 and RPS20

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Description Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 2 ribosomal protein S20
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 4 interacting genes: HGS NRM RAB5B RPS20 19 interacting genes: APP BARD1 DUX4 ECT2 HMGB1 IL7R MPHOSPH6 NDRG1 NRAS PALS2 PAXIP1 PIK3CA PLEKHO1 PTEN RABAC1 REEP6 SP3 SUN2 TRAF6
Entrez ID 25777 6224
HPRD ID 15611 04728
Ensembl ID ENSG00000100242 ENSG00000008988
Uniprot IDs A0A024R1P7 B4E2A6 Q9UH99 P60866
PDB IDs 3UNP 4DXR 4DXS 4DXT 4FI9 4UG0 4V6X 5A2Q 5AJ0 5FLX 5LKS 5OA3 5T2C 5VYC 6EK0 6FEC 6G51 6G53 6G5H 6G5I 6IP5 6IP6 6IP8 6OLE 6OLF 6OLG 6OLI 6OLZ 6OM0 6OM7 6QZP 6XA1 6Y0G 6Y2L 6Y57 6YBS 6Z6L 6Z6M 6Z6N 6ZLW 6ZM7 6ZME 6ZMI 6ZMO 6ZMT 6ZMW 6ZN5 6ZOJ 6ZOL 6ZON 6ZP4 6ZVH 6ZVJ 7A09 7K5I
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