CDC42EP4 and BRD2

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Description CDC42 effector protein 4 bromodomain containing 2
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 8 interacting genes: APP CDC42 FAM9B LNX1 RHOQ SRPK2 TGFBR1 WDR6 8 interacting genes: E2F1 E2F2 H2BC21 H2BU1 H4-16 SPOP TBP TOP1
Entrez ID 23580 6046
HPRD ID 08383 03326
Ensembl ID ENSG00000179604 ENSG00000204256
Uniprot IDs B2R6D8 Q9H3Q1 A0A024RCR5 A0A1U9X7A8 P25440 X5CF57
PDB IDs 1X0J 2DVQ 2DVR 2DVS 2DVV 2E3K 2G4A 2YDW 2YEK 3AQA 3ONI 4A9E 4A9F 4A9H 4A9I 4A9J 4A9M 4A9N 4A9O 4AKN 4ALG 4ALH 4J1P 4MR5 4MR6 4QEU 4QEV 4QEW 4UYF 4UYG 4UYH 5BT5 5DFB 5DFC 5DFD 5DW1 5EK9 5HEL 5HEM 5HEN 5HFQ 5IBN 5IG6 5N2L 5O38 5O39 5O3A 5O3B 5O3C 5O3D 5O3E 5O3F 5O3G 5O3H 5O3I 5U5S 5U6V 5UEW 5XHE 5XHK 6CUI 6DB0 6DBC 6DDI 6DDJ 6E6J 6FFE 6FFF 6FFG 6I80 6I81 6JKE 6K04 6K05 6MO7 6MO8 6MO9 6MOA 6ONY 6SWO 6SWP 6TQ1 6TQ2 6U61 6U71 6U8H 6ULQ 6VIY 6YTM 6Z7F 6Z8P 6ZB0 6ZB1 6ZB2
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