DNAJC9 and H3C11

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Description DnaJ heat shock protein family (Hsp40) member C9 H3 clustered histone 11
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 12 interacting genes: H3-5 H3C1 H3C10 H3C11 H3C12 H3C2 H3C3 H3C4 H3C6 H3C7 H3C8 MORN4 4 interacting genes: DNAJC9 NASP PHF1 TRIM24
Entrez ID 23234 8354
HPRD ID 13237 11908
Ensembl ID ENSG00000213551 ENSG00000275379
Uniprot IDs A0A024QZN2 Q8WXX5 P68431
PDB IDs 1CS9 1CT6 1O9S 1Q3L 2B2T 2B2U 2B2V 2B2W 2C1J 2C1N 2CO0 2CV5 2FSA 2KWJ 2KWK 2L75 2LBM 2LGG 2M0O 2NDF 2NDG 2OQ6 2OT7 2OX0 2RI7 2RR4 2UXN 2V85 2V89 2VNF 2VPG 2X0L 3A1B 3AFA 3AVR 3AYW 3AZE 3AZF 3AZG 3AZH 3AZI 3AZJ 3AZK 3AZL 3AZM 3AZN 3B95 3FDT 3KMT 3KQI 3LQI 3LQJ 3MP1 3O34 3O35 3O37 3QJ6 3RIG 3RIY 3SOU 3SOW 3U31 3U3D 3U4S 3U5N 3U5O 3U5P 3UEE 3UEF 3UIG 3UII 3UIK 3V43 3W96 3W97 3W98 3W99 3WA9 3WAA 3WKJ 3X1S 3X1T 3X1U 3X1V 3ZG6 3ZVY 4A0J 4A0N 4A7J 4BD3 4C1Q 4F4U 4F56 4FWF 4HON 4I51 4L7X 4LK9 4LKA 4LLB 4LXL 4N4H 4QBQ 4QBR 4QBS 4TN7 4U68 4UP0 4UY4 4X3K 4Y6L 4YHP 4YHZ 4YM5 4YM6 4Z0R 4Z2M 5AV5 5AV6 5AV8 5AV9 5AVB 5AVC 5B24 5B2I 5B2J 5B31 5C11 5C13 5C3I 5CPI 5CPJ 5CPK 5D6Y 5DAH 5FB0 5FB1 5FFV 5GH9 5GSE 5GSU 5GT0 5GT3 5GTC 5H6Q 5H6R 5HJB 5HJC 5HJD 5HYN 5IQL 5J3V 5J9S 5JHN 5JIN 5JIY 5JJ0 5JRG 5KJH 5KJI 5KKL 5LUG 5M5G 5MR8 5NNC 5NND 5OY3 5SVX 5SVY 5SZB 5SZC 5T0K 5T0M 5T1G 5T1I 5T8R 5TBN 5TDR 5TDW 5U2J 5V21 5V22 5VA6 5VAB 5VGE 5VNB 5WFC 5WLE 5WVO 5WXG 5WXH 5WYI 5X60 5XF3 5XF4 5XF5 5XFQ 5XFR 5XNV 5XTZ 5Y0C 5Y0D 5Y20 5Y2F 5Z23 5Z30 6AXJ 6AZE 6BHD 6BHE 6BHG 6BHH 6BHI 6D07 6D08 6E83 6E86 6F6D 6HKT 6HTS 6IEU 6IIS 6IIT 6IPU 6IQ4 6JOU 6JR0 6JR1 6JXD 6K1I 6K1J 6K1K 6KE9 6KVD 6L49 6L4A 6L9H 6LA8 6LA9 6LE9 6M3V 6M44 6M4D 6M4G 6M4H 6MIL 6MIM 6MIN 6MIO 6MIQ 6R8Y 6R8Z 6R90 6R91 6R92 6R93 6R94 6T90 6T93 6UPK 6UPL 6USJ 6V2H 6V3N 6V41 6V92 6VIL 6WAV 6WW4 6YIF 6YIH 6YOV 7C0M 7CCQ 7CCR
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