F12 and MMP13

  • Data Source:
  • HPRD (in vivo)



Description coagulation factor XII matrix metallopeptidase 13
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Cerebrospinal fluid levels of Alzheimer's disease-related proteins ( 25340798)
  • Diisocyanate-induced asthma ( 25918132)
  • Peanut allergy ( 29030101)
Interacting Genes 16 interacting genes: APOH APP CD93 EPAS1 GP1BA HIF1A KLKB1 KRT1 MMP12 MMP13 MMP14 UBE2D1 UBE2D2 UBE2D3 UBE2E1 UBE2N 9 interacting genes: ADAMTS5 BCAN CCL7 COL2A1 F12 FBXO7 LRP1 MMP14 TIMP3
Entrez ID 2161 4322
HPRD ID 01992 02522
Ensembl ID ENSG00000131187 ENSG00000137745
Uniprot IDs P00748 Q8IZZ5 P45452 Q53H33
PDB IDs 4BDW 4BDX 4XDE 4XE4 6B74 6B77 6GT6 6L63 6QF7 6SZW 1EUB 1FLS 1FM1 1PEX 1UC1 1XUC 1XUD 1XUR 1YOU 1ZTQ 2D1N 2E2D 2OW9 2OZR 2PJT 2YIG 3ELM 3I7G 3I7I 3KEC 3KEJ 3KEK 3KRY 3LJZ 3O2X 3TVC 3WV1 3WV2 3WV3 3ZXH 456C 4A7B 4FU4 4FVL 4G0D 4JP4 4JPA 4L19 5B5O 5B5P 5BOT 5BOY 5BPA 5UWK 5UWL 5UWM 5UWN 830C
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