COX20 and MAOB

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Description cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor COX20 monoamine oxidase B
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 22 interacting genes: AQP6 C1orf56 CHIA CREB3L1 DYNC1H1 ERGIC3 FCER1G FUNDC2 GET1 GJA8 GOLT1A JAGN1 MAOB NCBP2AS2 PGRMC2 SLC10A1 SLC10A6 TCEA2 TEX44 TMEM31 TMEM35A TMX2 6 interacting genes: COX20 FGF14 NFYB RHBDD2 SRPK1 TRIM54
Entrez ID 116228 4129
HPRD ID 13307 02401
Ensembl ID ENSG00000203667 ENSG00000069535
Uniprot IDs B3KM21 Q5RI15 B7Z242 P27338
PDB IDs 1GOS 1H8R 1OJ9 1OJA 1OJC 1OJD 1S2Q 1S2Y 1S3B 1S3E 2BK3 2BK4 2BK5 2BYB 2C64 2C65 2C66 2C67 2C70 2C72 2C73 2C75 2C76 2V5Z 2V60 2V61 2VRL 2VRM 2VZ2 2XCG 2XFN 2XFO 2XFP 2XFQ 2XFU 3PO7 3ZYX 4A79 4A7A 4CRT 5MRL 6FVZ 6FW0 6FWC 6RKB 6RKP 6RLE 6YT2
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