NT5E and RNF24

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  • 86
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Description 5'-nucleotidase ecto ring finger protein 24
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Electrocardiogram morphology (amplitude at temporal datapoints) ( 32916098)
  • Height ( 31562340)
  • Nevirapine-induced hypersensitivity in HIV (drug-induced liver injury) ( 28062682)
  • PR interval ( 32439900)
  • Response to antidepressants in depression ( 27622933)
  • Triglyceride levels in HIV infection ( 33109212)
Interacting Genes 7 interacting genes: ACTB AFF1 ATP6AP1 FN1 LAMA1 RNF24 ZNRF4 17 interacting genes: ABHD5 ARMC1 BNIP3 CNIH1 GOLT1A LHFPL3 MFSD14B NKG7 NRSN1 NT5E PLP1 SLC10A6 TIMMDC1 TMX2 TRPC6 UQCRH VAMP1
Entrez ID 4907 11237
HPRD ID 00552 10198
Ensembl ID ENSG00000135318 ENSG00000101236
Uniprot IDs P21589 Q6NZX3 Q9Y225
PDB IDs 4H1S 4H1Y 4H2B 4H2F 4H2G 4H2I 6HXW 6S7F 6S7H 6TVE 6TVG 6TVX 6TW0 6TWA 6TWF 6XUE 6XUG 6XUQ 6YE1 6YE2 6Z9B 6Z9D 7JV8 7JV9 2EP4
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