PDE9A and C9orf106

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Description phosphodiesterase 9A chromosome 9 putative open reading frame 106
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Chronotype ( 30696823)
  • Sensory peripheral neuropathy in microtubule targeting agent-treated breast cancer ( 32562552)
Interacting Genes 36 interacting genes: BAG3 C9orf106 CDC37 CLK1 CRY2 CYSRT1 GORASP2 IQCB1 KANK2 KRT34 KRTAP1-1 KRTAP1-3 KRTAP10-3 KRTAP10-7 KRTAP10-8 KRTAP10-9 KRTAP12-2 KRTAP12-3 KRTAP4-2 KRTAP5-9 KRTAP9-2 LAGE3 LMO2 NAA38 NFIL3 NOTCH2NLA PHYHIPL PRPF18 SDCBP SULT1E1 TFAP4 TRIM32 TRPV6 UBD UTP23 WDR5 2 interacting genes: PDE9A PSMA3
Entrez ID 5152 414318
HPRD ID 09115 10207
Ensembl ID ENSG00000160191
Uniprot IDs A0A0S2Z475 A0A0S2Z4A3 A0A0S2Z4T6 O76083
PDB IDs 2HD1 2YY2 3DY8 3DYL 3DYN 3DYQ 3DYS 3JSI 3JSW 3K3E 3K3H 3N3Z 3QI3 3QI4 4E90 4G2J 4G2L 4GH6 4Y86 4Y87 4Y8C 6A3N
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