ZBTB48 and ZNF317

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Description zinc finger and BTB domain containing 48 zinc finger protein 317
Image No pdb structure
GO Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
Interacting Genes 33 interacting genes: C11orf58 CDK2AP2 CDKN1A CEP70 DVL2 DVL3 EP300 GPATCH2L ILK KRTAP1-1 KRTAP10-5 KRTAP10-7 L3MBTL2 LLCFC1 MCC NME7 PNRC2 RGS2 SPANXN2 THAP1 TNFRSF14 TRIM41 TSPYL2 UPF2 WDR5 ZBTB26 ZBTB6 ZBTB7A ZBTB8A ZBTB9 ZNF317 ZNF408 ZNF837 15 interacting genes: AEN BAHD1 CIB3 CLK2 KRT40 KRTAP10-9 NKAPD1 RBM10 RBMY1A1 RBMY1F RBMY1J ZBTB48 ZNF408 ZNF524 ZNF648
Entrez ID 3104 57693
HPRD ID 01316 11706
Ensembl ID ENSG00000204859 ENSG00000130803
Uniprot IDs A8K291 B2R702 P10074 A0A024R775 A0A024R7B1 Q96PQ6
PDB IDs 3B84 5YJ3
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